To Alrazan Electric Company

feel free to discover around, our story, our journey, our position and the future!

  • 2012We started,

    We started in 2012 with demanding to be a growing part of ever growing Saudi market, in short time, we developed strong relations with other client companies and people
  • 2013Two major clients,

    Alrazan Electric was registered as a qualified vendor with Saudi Electricity Company, and with Alstom COGLEX, the horizons were open in front of us,
  • 2014One city, two branches,

    Afterwards, tow branches were opened in Riyadh, both in electrical market street, we put the foot in the correct place,
  • 2016We shifted to Salah Ad Din Al Ayyubi St.

    We were been here since then, managing our business and satisfying our customers with successful projects and deals,
  • 2019What now?

    We are digitizing our world, being better engaged with our customers and developing disciplined departments of our organization,

Let's answer you....

1What does Alrazan Electric do?
We provide wide range of services, beginning with electrical stations services and projects, housing projects, trading services, logistic services, and other types of works, learn about everything we do in the "Works" page,
2How to get a service from Alrazan?